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At Two Bears Publishing we have over 30 years worth of teaching experience, in primary, secondary and further education. We have worked with a variety of students to help cover a plethora of subjects, in almost any setting. We are also have vast experience with SEN and specialise in ADHD/Autism spectrum and PDA. 


As parents we understand the important of your child's education and how important it is for children to enjoy what they do, whilst making relevant progress. Each approach is personalised, individualised and bespoke. We believe that trust and rapport is essential to progress and positive relationships. We pride ourselves on pedagogical skill and cutting edge educational acumen. Our testimonials attest to our trustworthiness and competence. 

We feel that education is a lifelong journey and don't just want to fill time or fill holes by placing any old tutor in front of your child. We value the education process and spend time and effort to ensure the best learning apprach and styles are rigorously followed for positive outcomes.

As such we ensure out tutors have enhanced DBS checks that are on the update service and are up to date in all their safeguarding training. 


If you are looking for the best local tutoring for your child, please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you to discuss your needs. 


Recognising and Supporting Pupils with ADHD – National College

TEFL Qualification at grade A (150-hour master course) - 2015

NCSL Leadership Pathways

Effective Behaviour Management Strategies

How to become an Effective Teacher in KS3

GCSE Standardisation Moderation meetings

Fire Safety in Schools

ASD training

How to effectively teach deaf students

Food Health and Safety Level 2

Prevent Training - Radicalisation

County Lines – how to identify

Radicalisation in Education

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Family Liaison working with parents and carers

The benefits of Lego Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Sensory Processing

Positive Behaviour Reinforcement


Sleuth Training 1,2,3

Specific Learning Difficulties

Speech, Language and Communication

Understanding Epilepsy

Health and safety

Risk Assessment

Data Protection: Compliance following GDPR (An Intro to the GDPR Educare)

Equality and Diversity in the Workplace (KC & Educare)

Introduction Module 1 - Welcome to the National Fostering Agency Group

Meds Administration


PREVENT eLearning KC & Educare

Safeguarding - Female Genital Mutilation

Think, Spot, Speak Out

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Excellent input in a short space of time.

Trevor is an outstanding teacher and attained this grade when observed.

Confident in behaviour management of complex SEMH students making a valuable contribution to the excellent standards.

His behaviour management is exemplary and the students that Trevor teaches enjoy his lessons a great deal.

Engages with students quickly

He has built positive relationships with his students, who have complex and challenging needs in a fairly short space of time.

He had a significant and impressive impact on the students within English.

His knowledge of teaching and learning is excellent.


Student X had been removed from two previous schools, the most recent was a National Autistic school. However, his behaviour had been deemed too dangerous and volatile to commence with his studies.

X is 14 and is profoundly autistic and selectively mute. He often became frustrated with his situation and would bite to try and communicate. His escalations often meant that he needed up to six members of staff to calm and pacify him.

Trevor took him on in January 2023, and despite some minor escalations was able to make significant progress with student X. He was positive and challenged the student academically as well as built trust and rapport. Once Trevor was able to get Student X to sit and work for up to two hours, he then worked on his social and emotional barriers. Trevor was able to get X to walk to the park safely, interact with other people and implemented a fitness regime at the gym and at the local park. X enjoyed litter picking too and implementing a more holistic approach to his studies!

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