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5 star Amazon Rating

5 star amazon global Rating!

Two Wolvesresized.jpeg


Two Wolves sees Charlie Stone in his most fierce confrontation yet. 

Separated from his pregnant fiancee, Tara, and grieving for his dead friend and mentor, Dave Woodward, Charlie is lost. 

Add into the mix that his ex-wife, Jo, is preventing any contact with his daughter, and the outlook is bleak for Charlie. 

When he returns to his police job to find that the case he has been working on is pulled for mysterious reasons, Charlie is forced to take matters into his own hands and 'go rogue.' 

This is Charlie Stone at his roughest, toughest and most desperate. 

With the aid of his new found friend Robbie, he embarks on a blistering journey of redemption and justice, where there are no holds barred. 

Can Charlie catch the criminals, before his world falls apart?

Twohig's tour de force sees some of his most powerful writing to date!



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