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Over 130 reviews - over 4 star Global Rating

"I found this ("The First Book in the Charlie Stone Series”) to be a well-plotted, gripping mystery with some horrific sequences offset by the sympathetic and very human protagonist. The author has skilfully portrayed Folkestone, including its current welcome revival..."


"What a page turner! I couldn't put it down. If you like Rebus you are going to love this book. Beautifully constructed. What a debut!" - G.L. Dobson

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It only took a few sittings, which is strange for me as I normally lose interest/concentration!" - Amazon customer

"A good read, would recommend it" - Gwenda

"A good romp looking forward to the next one." - Geoff

"Pacey and basically well written & very readable story with a good twist at the end, which i enjoyed." - Amazon customer

"Had a great time reading this - a proper page turner..." 

"A straight forward, unpretentious writing style and an engaging storyline." - Nick Lawrence

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Includes Blood Betrayal - The Final Days of Amy Green

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