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A story of hope,

courage and magic...

In the sleepy village of Boxley, Peter is in his final

year of primary school and is

struggling to cope.

He is Bullied by the ‘cool’ Gang - Luke, Donny and

brad and is worried about his mum. As if that

wasn't Enough , Peter is struggling with his own

identity- He just doesn't seem to fit in. When an

unfortunate lipstick incident occurs, Peter Truly

hits rock bottom. That is until his favourite

teacher, Miss. Champion, shows him her old

costume box, which hides a number of magical


Peter's world is transformed in ways he cannot

begin to imagine. As he is taught vital life lessons

in rich, magical surroundings where history and

drama combine, will he find a way to turn his life


Chance encounters with Carnival workers,

ringleaders and perhaps the greatest playwright

of all time, lead to a breathtaking experience for

Peter. But will he learn the traits he needs to

survive in the real world?

Pansy Pete, discusses issues such as single

parent families, bullying and gender

identity. The novel aims to teach

children valuable life lessons for

growing up in twenty-first century


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