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The Book of Ascent

Have you heard about awakening?
Do you wonder whether it is beyond you?
I am here to tell you it's not.

The Book of Ascent is an introduction into how to find your true, higher self. Since birthday we have had labels slapped on us. We have been indoctrinated by schools and and the mainstream media. We have been deliberately force-fed fear, danger and despair. Those days can now be a thing of the past for you. This is the first book in a powerful new series aiming to give you the hidden esoteric secrets of the universe. You see, the powers that be, don't want you to be happy. But they can no longer control you. You can change your life, be happy and journey to a place of awakening and wonder that you never believed possible. Follow the steps in our simple book and join the growing number of people rejecting what they have been told and becoming what they are born to be.

Powerful, unique and beautiful.

Get ready to ascend.


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