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How many times have you sat through seminars, watching the clock, yawning, wondering if it will ever end? Have you sat there nervously, praying for the speaker not to mix you up or make you talk in front of the group? Yep, we have all been there!

With Two Bears public speaking, having spent a number of years in education, we understand how to engage our clients. 


Trevor's feedback is second to none because he prides himself on engagement and interesting content. By having ADHD, Trevor understands what its like to be sat unengaged and disinterested so aims to ensure his talks and seminars appeal to all clinets and not just the keen ones at the front! 


We excel on ADHD and practical ways to deal with students with ADHD. This comes from years of experience and Trevor himself having undiagnosed ADHD until last year. After flirting with medication, Trevor has found his own natural way of tacklig the symptoms of ADHD and is keen to share it with others. 

Trevor is also an Alcohol Change Ambassador and Community Champion. He has spoken in parliament about the negative effects of alcohol and drugs and runs Liquid Choices, the campaign for alcohol free options. 


Having four children and working in schools for twenty years, he understands the dangers of drink and drugs and is passionate about delivering that in an accessible and simple way. 

If you want an exciting and innovative talk with high levels of negagement, please contact us at for further information and availability. 


Alcohol Identification and Brief Introduction Training - Alcohol Change UK, 2023

Centre of Excellence Addiction Therapy - 2022

Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues – Linkedin Learning – 2022

Recognising and Supporting Pupils with ADHD – National College

British College of Journalism National Qualification - 2019

TEFL Qualification at grade A (150-hour master course) - 2015

Online Academies Accredited Psychology Diploma - 2016

Online Academies Accredited Advanced Psychology diploma - 2016

Centre of Excellence Mindfulness Diploma - 2017

Centre of Excellence Life Coaching Diploma - 2017

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