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One of the people I admire...

Kanye West.

Don't turn off you computer or phone! Don't give in to your prejudice, propped up by a biased, subjective media. You don't read the Daily Mail, do you? DO YOU!?

Many people disagree with Kanye West. He has a media persona that seems rather arrogant, over-confident and obnoxious. However, I believe this has been created largely by himself for marketing purposes. There is no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywood, unless of course you are Harvey Weinstein and Kanye is one of the most googled names in media history.

Kanye’s self-belief is something, I believe to be admired. He genuinely believes that human beings can achieve greatness and he strives to do so. This is with his music, his art and his clothing range.

I must admit, some of Kanye’s clothing I dislike. The new Yeezy Wave Runner 700’s look to me like a shoe that was rejected by Adidas in the 1970’s, that they have recently brought back. So, I am not blinkered about everything Kanye does.

I do however, love his Yeezy Boost 350 range. If I could afford to just wear these shoes all of the time, I would. I think they are an actual work of art. As we speak, I plan to ‘cop’ (in the words of trainer buyers), his new set of lemon yellows and Beluga 2.0’s at the end of November.

In addition, his music is life-affirming and constantly changing rap music sonically, in my opinion, for the better. As he says, “If you are a fan of Kanye west, you are a fan of yourself.” I agree with this statement fully. If anyone is going for a run, or into a meeting and plays ‘Power’ beforehand, I can almost guarantee, it will pump you up and improve your productivity.

In addition, Kanye’s lyrics can be quite brilliant. He uses extended metaphors, imagery and repetition to augment the music to quite astounding effect at times.

Kanye West has created and nurtured artists such as: John Legend, Big Sean, Mr. Hudson, Kid Cudi, Pusha T and was instrumental in 2Chainz’ rise to prominence. For now, we won’t talk about his relationship with Jay-Z.

Kanye is a flawed character in many ways, but he is also brilliant. For both of these reasons, I admire and respect him.

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