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It is always a daunting process when you write a book. I talk to other writers quite a lot, and I think they have a similar process which in effect starts with an idea.

The idea for me has to be better than any other idea I have had and it has to literally lift me up, out of my seat and take my to the writing pad or laptop. If it doesn’t, I wait. The waiting area or fertile void, is a peculiar timescape. It could be hours, it could be weeks. If I think an idea is good, will continue to knock, knock, knock away, trying to make itself heard. When it’s ready, I will open the door.

For instance, I had an idea for the fourth Charlie Stone novel. It’s a great idea and I know I will write the book when the time is right, but I need to wait in

until I get it right. Until the beaming grin spreads across my face, and I know it’s a good idea.

This is just the start though, because as we all know, there is that little guy inside of us, (sometimes termed ‘the little f@&%er’ in acting circles), who will tell you that your idea isn’t that great. What if it’s a rubbish concept? What if everyone hates it? What if you don’t really know what you are doing????

This is why releasing a new novel is an incredibly scary and tricky process.

When the first review lands, and someone says it is as good as you thought, its like a wave of elation. Your back hits the chair and you can relax. That’s my feeling anyway. Creatives may produce a duffer now and again, that’s the nature of the beast and I am not fool enough to think I don’t have a ‘Be Here Now’ in me, but I guess you need to know in your heart of hearts that if everyone pans it, you believed and thought it was a great idea.

Two Wolves deals with a lot of difficult content. It continues the themes of corporate corruption, sex slavery and corrupt coppers. However, it was a difficult yet definite decision to make DS Charlie Stone, just Charlie Stone. Why? A few reasons.

The main one is I wanted to write more exciting, complex characters and Robbie is just that! Could DS Charlie Stone have met a Robbie and befriended him?

I find as well you can also get bogged down in the procedure and bureaucracy of it all. I spent time and energy researching policing procedures in Hamburg, for instance, for Crimson Cross. I wanted to put this energy into writing exciting, engaging novels!

Finally, they say write what you know. I don’t want to besmirch anyone’s good name, but Robbie and Becky are based on characters I have met. I have quite a few more up my sleeve, thanks to the interesting path I have walked to get here!

As such, I am glad that the reviews of Two Wolves have started to come in and been great, because Charlie Stone is moving into gangland culture. He will certainly be staying in East Kent and focusing his activities in sunny Folkestone (did you know Folkestone has more sun than most places in England?), but his adventures may get a little more… fruity as Two Wolves has paved the way for. I hope you enjoy it and support me on my journey!

In an interesting aside, the podcast I do with my friend Phil Henry of Bhundu Bushcraft starts again this week, and I am educating him on why Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses are great bands, but ultimately GnR are better! Tune in if you have an opinion!

If you think you know anybody who may enjoy a fast-paced, psychological crime thriller with many twists and turns, set in East Kent, why not recommend Two Wolves, or share this post.

Finally I hope you have a marvellous Easter. Have an egg or three, and enjoy this strange time which we will never have again. Coming out of a dark and odd lockdown, into a new era of hope and community.

Much love,

Trev xx

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