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Sunny Sands

Sunny Sands is my first published novel and is the first book in the Charlie Stone series. It is a crime novel set in Folkestone, Kent and opens with a teenage girl washing up dead on the beach. The book will be released on July 1st by The Conrad Press. For further information follow me on social media.

A teenage girl’s body washes up on the beach in Folkestone. Charlie Stone, who is a local D.S. is assigned to the case and he quickly realises there are greater forces at work here. Her English teacher is in the frame for the murder, but Charlie has different thoughts, exploring other avenues and leads, commencing with her seemingly picture-perfect family-life. Meanwhile, there is a management change at Folkestone Police Station, a new DCI, who seems hell-bent on framing the victim’s English teacher and closing the case. This causes friction with investigating Officer Charlie Stone, who thinks there are deeper and darker forces at work.

In addition, Charlie’s personal life is tumultuous. Recently separated from his ex-wife and young child, Charlie tries to be the best father he can be. His daughter is his refuge and sanctuary from the dark world of his job. His current relationships are fraught with disaster and his drinking is spiralling out of control. In short, he is sailing treacherous seas, with only his daughter and this investigation keeping him afloat.

As the case becomes more confusing, it also becomes more dangerous and Charlie’s friends and family members become embroiled in the case.

Charlie’s old DCI and friend, Steve, provides support and guidance to the wayward young man and helps him attempt to solve the case. In unlikely circumstances, he meets alluring love interest Tara, who could potentially provide the stability that his life severely lacks.

In the way however, stand his ex-wife, his wild lover, his new boss and the dark criminal underbelly that will go to any level, to prevent Charlie Stone cracking the case.


Sunny Sands is the first book of a series.

The Carnival That Ate The World

Bill looked around at the trappings of his success and smiled.

There were millions of small town Americans, yet he had made it; money, power and influence.

He was the embodiment of the American Dream...but at what cost?

A steely, ruthless operator, Bill tramples his way to the top, riding roughshod over all in his path.

But has he stepped over one person too many?

 A compelling tale, set against the backdrop of the Lehmann Brother’s collapse which portrays a slice of corporate life and the decadence that goes with the rise and fall of one of America’s most powerful businessmen.


This novella is available via Amazon Kindle click on the picture above. 

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