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Charlie's back

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well.

The most important thing that we have learned from 'The Great Lockdown' is that health is our most prized asset. As such, I hope all who read this are safe and well, as are your families.

Given the numbers that get announced daily by Public Health England, it seems a little pointless writing about writing. But, we need our sanity and to keep on going in true British style.

As such, I have completed the second Charlie Stone novel. It's working title is 'Charlie Stone and The Rosy Cross,' like 'Indiana Jones...' y'know? It is not confirmed as the definite title yet, it might also be called 'Original Sin' or 'Charlie's crazy trips around Europe!' which may be more fitting for the Remainers out there in these strange times!

Either way, it is being edited by the editors that I keep locked in the shed and I can assure you, like Santa's elves they are beavering away like mad. More so, because there were some minor typos that slipped through the net in Sunny Sands, that I missed in the excitement of releasing it.

All that I can say is that it's darker, faster, has deeper characterization and more evil antagonists. I think you will like it; there is a synopsis on the website.

Hopefully this could be out late summer, virus permitting.

You will also have noticed I have tidied up my website and will look into accepting payments directly for the book and others. I also have two other projects in the pipeline: a children's book which is complete and a semi-autobiographical book about my first business, which isn't yet. These may be directly available from here.

Finally, it would appear I missed some messages on here from the last year. My wife used her black magic and tapped some keys, which basically means if you message I will receive it and answer it in a timely fashion now!

Thankyou for all of your support and lovely comments about my first book. I really hope the second one you like more.

Ensure you are following @trevortwohigwrites on facebook as well as the insta and twitter for updates and competitions!

Stay safe and stay positive.

'In the pen we find solace, on the page we find redemption.' Trev, 2020.

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