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Exciting Times - first Cultural Update

Well where are we? Day 52 of quarantine?

It all feels very similar now, however I can confirm that my FIFA 20 skills are vastly improved. Anyone fancy a game, hit me up, gamertag, whatashambles.

As an educator, times are hard.

Setting work is fine, but the buy in from the students is low. I daresay it is like that across the board,. but it is disheartening to say the least.

I think there is a future in Zoom lessons. I did my first one recently and it was pretty enjoyable! At least then you are getting the interaction you need. Setting work via a system just doesn't work in my humble opinion.

Anyway, I have exciting news. The lockdown is being eased, YAY!

Still, we have been going for a daily walk (see photo). It is really important to be around nature as much as you can at this time. It has an amazingly calming effect.

Please remember, to socially distance at all times, two metres. Except obviously, on public transport, which was rammed according to the BBC photos.

And of course in the supermarket, especially the Express ones. How anyone socially distances there is beyond me.

Be very careful in B and Q and Homebase too as the staff, who I used to see as adorable helpful little DIY elves, have turned into foaming rottweiler beasts (apologies if you work here, I have had some bad experiences recently - and I'm only kidding!).

If there is a sign, OBEY IT, or else Ethel on the paint mixer will have you. Trust me, you dont want to see her bad side.

So, what's been going on?

Well, I have read a number of cool books: The Song of the Nightingale by Marilyn Pemberton is a goody all about boys being sold and castrated. The Greenbecker Gambit is an interesting read about a Chess-playing arsonist. I am currently reading THe Hunted by my friend Kerry Barnes. It's a great gangland ROMP!

In the world of gaming, I smashed thru GTA V, one of the best games I have ever played. I am modelling myself on Trevor Phillips these days. What a guy!

Film wise, I just watched Blackkkklansman, which was AWESOME. Tried The Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and got bored. Watched Unorthodox on Netflix which was fairly insightful regarding the married lives of Hassidic Jews.

So, book wise, exciting times...

It is without doubt that THE ROSY CROSS, the second Charlie Stone novel, will be out in in 2020; potentially late summer. Along side it, I will be re-releasing Sunny Sands, with bonus material to be announced and a complete re-edit with actual Folkestonian/Kentish place names.

So keep up with the Facebook page Trevor Twohig author/Trevor Twohig writes for further updates, of which there will be some concrete plans soon.

Lots of love - stay safe.

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