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Understanding The Tinkerbell Effect

This is just a quick post to let you guys know my ep The Tinkerbell Effect is out today. It will be released on all good streaming sites. I have always wanted to create music. In 2014, when I was even worse than I am now, a woman who was very close to me at the time sat me down. She said in effect, when are you going to grow up? You will never make proper music. There is no point. I tried to explain that it doesn't matter if I play on my own in my room 

 or to Wembley Stadium;  music is a part of me. She laughed and we went our separate ways. Since then, I have released two eps and played a handful of gigs.  I am not a good singer and I make mistakes on the guitar. I don't care. At the risk of sounding cringy, the music is part of me. When I am in flow or something bad has happened, words pour out of me. They may not be Shakespearean prose but they say something and it makes me happy. The concept of the tinkerbell effect is that if you believe in something, it exists. Conversely if you don't, it ceases to. If everyone collectively chose not to vote at the same time, Donald Trump could not be re-elected, for instance. The Tinkerbell Effect is very personal to me. In my life I have been hurt massively. Haven't we all? I am fiercely loyal and when that is not reciprocated I get hurt and lash out. The Tinkerbell Effect is my response really to sticking to my guns and not doing something just because it is expected. I am happier for it. If you are going to church for someone else or going around to visit family who ultimately upset you, why do it? Societal pressure? Probably. We have one shot at life and if the rules are causing you pain then stop following them is what is working for me. The Tinkerbell Effect is flawed. It is created by a human who is imperfect. I love it. You can hear a can opening and a deliberate timing change on track three. The end of pink it was completely improvised, it was supposed to be two minutes shorter but the guitar made me do it! On Flow I change key vocally twice. Musos may listen to it and rubbish it. I don't care. I am not trying to get on the X factor and for me music has no rules. Some of my favourite albums were raw and massively flawed. Down In Albion, Vitalogy, In Utero spring instantly to mind. If you want to listen to do, but don't expect a safe, perfect listen. If you don't want to, absolutely no dramas. Don't be afraid to have a go at anything if it makes you happy. We all deserve to be happy. Maybe, Tinkerbell can come back to life.... ...Happy Friday y'all.  

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