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Microsoft, Brules And The Baby

Well 2018 has started not with a bang, but more with a beautiful, sedate haze of happiness and opportunity. In fact, I don't much go in for New Year celebrations. I didn't this year either as 2017 was fab and really I just wanted to continue that positivity into 2018. Luckily it seems to be doing so.

 As I get older, I task myself with learning more about how the world works, how systems of control remain in place for instance. There are many myths that we grow up with. Most of these are designed, in my opinion, to keep us all in our place. So the elite remain elite and those striving for greater things, continue to strive for scant reward. Another way to describe this is the brules. The wonderful work of Vishen Lakhiani put me onto the brules in his terrific book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.’ These are outdated rules from previous generations, that no longer apply now. Bullshit rules.

 If you have seen Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, you may have been witness to some brules people hold regarding gay marriage and sexuality. I recently faced down one of these brules. I have had a dodgy version of Microsoft Word for quite some time. I needed to upgrade and thought, let's start as we mean to go on this year and get the official product from Microsoft.  £59.99 later, I had a shiny new version of Microsoft office. Now to install the bugger. After dealing with Sanjeev, Pradeep and Johan, they could not get it to work. I informed my new Microsoft buddies that I hadn't had this issue with any of my other programs and apps. They assured me it was to do with my admin rights and that it could be resolved. However, the combined minds of Microsoft had to give up and duly returned my £59.99, despite poring through my computers files for a good number of hours.

Now the world of ICT as I grew up, was a mystical, magical world, full of the highest minds. A world a London pleb like myself could not ever comprehend. Anyway with the unused Microsoft files sitting on my desktop, I felt frustrated. This must be possible? I had a little tinker with my settings and decided to do a system restore. Guess what? It worked I was able to install Office and the warm comfort of Microsoft's easy to use products had returned. So, careful of the brules. My mind told me that if the experts can't do it then it's not doable. My gut fancied trying something different. Hey Presto, my link to the career and life that I long for, is back on track.

On December 17th, my baby daughter Amarah was born. We have also heard it all from unhelpful advice, to old wives’ tales that didn't come true. All I will say was that it was a difficult and troubling experience, watching the woman I love give birth. It's the best kept secret in the world how difficult labour is, but the reward is always worth it. So there we are, miracles are around every corner, no matter how big or small. Forget the brules, follow your own rules, stay positive and reap the rewards 2018 has to offer. 

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