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Karma and the fly in the ointment

Life has a funny way of throwing quite peculiar curve balls at you.

Just when you think everything is coming together well, there will often be a fly in the ointment or a nagging issue that just won’t go away. This weekend, we planned for a quiet reflective one and it has ended up being extremely busy and expensive, not to mention fun too. That said, I woke up on Sunday morning to a random observer, ‘David,’ who decided to attack my writing and tell me of a number of grammatical errors he found on my website. Ironically, the day before I had completed a writing and editing task for my Mother’s friend, a job well done by all accounts.

This seems to be a pattern I am finding in life, call it karma or yin-yang but it seems to me when things are going swimmingly, enjoy the moment, but know that a bump back to earth may well be just around the corner.

In an attempt to break this cycle, there needs to be a change of mental approach. Love can do many wondrous things, like you feel like supergirl or give you the boost of confidence to finally send that application you were always worried about sending. Despite finding the twitter responses of James Blunt very amusing (if you haven’t checked them out, there are a number of websites dedicated to his witty banter), I decided to approach David with love, rather than my usual mix of caustic sarcasm.

It became clear to me that being loving in response to David’s vitriol was the right thing to do. What indeed was David’s background, I wondered? A writer demonised by hundreds of knockbacks perhaps. Maybe David has something deep-rooted in childhood that causes him to lash out at others he perceives as inferior. Who knows? All I know is that it seems futile to me to meet hate with hate. All we end up with is a massive hate sandwich, stodgy and oppressive, holding us back, holding us down. 

Love is key in all our responses. Perhaps you suffer the same types of communication at your place of work. That colleague who always seems to have it in for you. It is more likely than not, that the person in question sees something in themselves that they do not like, which is why they attack outwardly. This of course is far easier than looking inward.

So in the face of these ‘haters,’ let’s think about love. I realise that none of us are perfect. We all have flaws. I am aware that despite owning a website dedicated to writing, music and creativity, that I too am not perfect and make mistakes. Just because you belong to an industry, does not make you the perfect example of said industry. No-one can be perfect.

Anyway, I thanked David for the time he had taken on my website and hoped he had an enjoyable Sunday. After all, if you have started a sunday ‘trolling’ others as the youngsters call it, I fear ‘David’ will need all the love he can get.

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