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From despair to hope

When you look back at your life, sometimes all you can see is the mistakes, what you could have done better, the people you wished you hadn't hurt. That's the nature of the human brain, it errs towards negativity; a problem solving device, that by nature, has to focus on the problems.

It was interesting creating this new website. I had to complete a bit about me, which in the words of my seven year old daughter, is a bit awkward. One thing that stood out to me was my Head of Year at Dartford Grammar School, telling me that I was the worst artist she had ever seen.

Negativity like this cuts deep and add it to the girlfriends who told you that you were good for nothing or that feeling of guilt from phoning in sick and that time you did that thing, one night out, which you can't tell anyone! See? You can end up creating a pretty bleak picture for yourself.

On the flip side, one of the greatest joys in life, is the ability to start again. Every single moment is an opportunity to turn things around. Like a snake shedding its skin or a chrysalis creating a beautiful butterfly, we all have the chance to be reborn. Match this with all the good things in your life, your achievements, your ebullience, your uniqueness and the world becomes hopeful again, doesn't it?

There will always be those who want to bring you down, (that as we have discussed, is the nature of the negative mind). But what I've learned is that it really, really doesn't matter what others think. Especially your haters. They have made an opinion on knowing what 10, 20 a maximum 50% of the real you. Only you know the real you, so make sure you are doing things that inspire you, that make you happy, that make you feel good inside. The rest will follow.

I am creating this website and this blog, because I am filled with hope. Hope for a brighter future, hope for creativity, hope that we as a race are getting better all the time.

Life is bleak, I write this in the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack and my heart goes out to all those affected.

But with hope and love we can overcome hate, maybe not today; anything that is worthwhile is a long, rocky road, but maybe in our lifetime.

So, to quote the marvellous Mary Oliver, tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

My advice is try. Create. Make something that you can be proud of, that gives you hope and then, you will leave the world in a slightly better place than you found it.

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