Hi! Meet Trev. Trev is 40 years old and if he is not recording podcasts, he will be surrounded by his four kids, trying to find some peace and quiet in the house!

Trev is a jack of all trades, master of none, having owned a bar, written books, and taught in schools his number one achievement in life is winning the Crayford-Dartfordians U14 batting award in 1995. 

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Hi! Meet Phil Henry! He's 44 and despite living with his parents is a super-cool, super-nice guy! He is always at home with a bit of wood in his hands, the no.1 axe wielder of Ashford! He loves an anecdote, especially telling him that 'time is a great healer.' Apart from guitar skills, Phil is also a technical wizkid. Editing being a particular strongpoint!

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