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An Hour in the Sunshine

The devil tapped me on the shoulder

And beamed a big, broad grin.

I was getting used to sunday roasts,

and living life without sin.

But along he came, with a drink in his hand and he

devised his master plan.

He opened his mouth and his tongue worked ‘round,

“I have something for you, young man.”


So I took up with him on his darkened way

I walked along his path.

It worked for my old man I thought,

This could be quite a laugh.

Now I recall, when I look back, there was an

aching in my chest,

But I felt like I should ignore that. For now that

was the best.


We walked along snowy roads,

We drove in unknown lands.

We parked our cars in places filled with

Demons and contraband.

I tried to put aside this ache, I knew though

 something was wrong

But I held onto the devil’s hand,

I listened to his song.


He sang me a tale of men like me,



he knew there down below,

Who strayed from the path many a time,

“it’s common don’t you know?”

I knew that I would be in some company

on a stool in Luci’s bar,

I may even see my old man in there

is that him there holding that jar?


The devil said, “you can go to him

and hold his very hand”

I dreamed about this moment in time,

I wanted it so bad.

But just before I went across

and made that fateful step

Something came flooding over me,

something I had to address.


I asked dear luci what he wanted from me

so very much?


And why on earth did talking to him give my life

such a rush?

The lyrics and lines he spoke to me

were like a siren’s call

He caressed me into thinking that my life was

more important than all.


The devil called me up last night

when my wife was at the shops.

I couldn’t recall quite what he wanted

just heard his tricky songs.

And I was tempted to go and meet him down the

lanes of fear and shame

But I thought about my wife again, buying things for me,

in the rain.


I thought about innocence, of greediness and shame.

I thought about the men like me and all the burning pain,

the devil’s spread around the world and all the homes in flame.

I thought about my father’s end as I stared down at his grave.


I thought about my decision making and

on that fateful day,

I saw that an hour in the sunshine

is not worth a life in the rain.

Three Months

My head up spinning in the clouds

I have had pretty girls all over town.

One who gave her soul to me.

Another waited and tested me.

A third who went and let me be,

but I am viewed as filth, unclean, obscene

because I want you and you want me.

I’d do it all, I’d live the dream,

if in three months, you’d remember me.

I’d take you out, I’d make you scream

you are my heart, I feel you beat

But you’re so nonchalant with me.

Three months-and I can show you see?

Three months, my sweet, my libertine.

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