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The light halts

This grey dawn finds us always.

My wings were clipped

By your dark and serene gaze,

Not allowing me forward, not allowing me any way.


The light bends,

To the shape of your eye.

You wished for nothing other

Than to be left alone,

For someone else’s Mother.


I never read the signs.

I never knew what was coming.

You have developed into a vociferous fool

Down the road I hear you coming.


The light fades

On this dead and gloomy day.

I need to pack my things my love,

I need to get away.


You know what these people have done to me.

You know how I am ashamed of their lies.

I pray to be someone better

But I kneel just to stay alive.


One day I hope we’ll have a showdown.

You need to pay for all you have done.

For the situation that you put us in,

For all the tears and all the blood.


So you could eat your way through the north

And cower with your teddy held right.

And as the light fades on this envious hour

You cower, for I own the night.


When I can regain my strength,

And joy fills me to the brim.

When I recall my senses,

I will come for you again.


A Horse with a Name

The war continues slowly,

today it’s 20 to 1.

Good odds given recent skirmishes,

you stand alone, the temptation is to run.


The crowd stands on edge,

a rabble waiting to blow.

The only thing standing between them,

is how well you can play your role.


But the weekend has taken its toll.

The coffee has left you sour.

Your voice needs to be right in this moment,

for you to establish your power.


The tone is curt, abrasive, abrupt,

as you summon them into the room.

That eternal clank of chairs on desks,

a death knell, a calling to doom.


Your palms they sweat profusely,

your voice it wavers on high.

The pivotal point is nearing,

the time for judgement is nigh.


Rustles and murmurs syncing,

they slowly accept your gaze.

You turn from the safety of silence

so begins the substitute’s day.

Substitute Teacher

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